Rack construction for your commercial success

Warehouse facilities need to be planned extremely carefully based on their size. In addition to using the space optimally, there is a particular focus on logistical management of the separate warehouse spaces in the future.

Optimized warehousing concepts for more usable space

We inspire our customers with our customized complete solutions and innovative ideas – from project development through to implementation. If you want to optimize warehouse space and other usable spaces vertically and horizontally, we are by far your best choice. Our product portfolio offers you a wide range of services, which allows you to minimize the number of interfaces.

Thanks to our specialists in the engineering and manufacturing fields and our assembly experts, you are guaranteed the best quality along with cost-effective implementation of your construction project.

Optimized warehousing concepts for more usable space


  • Steel rack construction

Our services:

  • Consulting
  • Preparation of proposals
  • Planning
  • Statics
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Quality management

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