International steel construction to the highest standards in the world

The importance of steel construction is growing continuously in the construction and real estate industries. Besides the comparatively short planning and construction period, steel has many other attractive qualities such as high strength, low construction weight, flexible areas of application and the option to recycle.

Customized project development and implementation of each steel construction project

In all kinds of diverse projects such as industrial buildings, leisure centers or bridges, our customers discover the benefits of having our planners, developers and project engineers on board with cosmopolitan ideas, well thought-out concepts and decades of industry experience in the area of steel construction. Your projects (including warehouses, production plants, other industrial buildings and architectural steel and steel composite constructions) are managed in a way that saves you time and money. Thanks to our specialists in the engineering and manufacturing fields and our assembly experts, you are guaranteed the best quality along with cost-effective implementation of your construction project.

Project development and implementation to the highest standards

Portfolio – project-related:

  • Construction of industrial buildings
  • Leisure centers
  • Steel structures
  • Steel platforms
  • Architectural steel construction
  • Bridges

Our services:

  • Consulting
  • Preparation of proposals
  • Planning
  • Statics
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Quality management

Project request

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